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Sunday, December 7, 2008

EVENTS Events & events!!!

Hey guys!!! As we all are well aware that a lot of occasions are coming our way, like Eid, Christmas Etc. So if you are a typical Pakistani you are either out for shopping or sitting at home with your Bakra (Goat), so getting a bit closer to the way we celebrate Eid let it be Eid ul Fitr ( aka Choti Eid)or Eid ul Adha (aka Bakra Eid or Bari Eid), I have some interesting info for you whether you are a Muslim or a Non- Muslim, because the way we celebrate our events can attract anyone, anywhere, anyhow and anytime.

Eid is such a celebration in which every Muslim gets a chance to get together and forget any tension, quarrels or misunderstandings. On Eid day people go to Masajid, to pray for their good luck and to bow before Allah.

Eid dresses are the most important part of Islamic culture, people wear different colourful dresses not only to look good but to represent their culture, traditions and civilizations. People mostly wear shiny and bright colour as they are considered a sign of joy and happiness.

Hina Ceremonies (where people put mehndi on their hands) are held on Eid ul Fitr mostly and young girls participate in such ceremonies.

The last but not the least and one of the most important factor of celebrating Eid is by cooking different types of food and desserts, like Sawayan, Kheer, Rasmalai, Barfi and Halwas.

So, Have a very Happy Eid which is on coming 9th of December-2008. Till then have a joyful Eid and don't forget to leave your comments.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Probs on the Pros

I have decided to blog now, as I realized I ran out of space to keep my diaries at. So everyone who shares and spreads is free to join the blog and follow. Happy writing !