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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fear Is Good

Fear of failure; something which no one can stay away from. No matter how much of a pro anyone is in anything, there is always that feeling, which is the cause of that moisture on your forehead, the moist clamp of your hands, the biting of a lip, the tapping of your foot and above all the constant thoughts about the worth of the chances which you're about to take. But does that mean, you're scared? Is this bad feeling the root cause of your low self esteem? The answer is, 'No'. In fact the fear that resides within us is, on one hand, the cause of constant satisfaction and, on the other, mutual cooperation of our heart and mind. Which is exactly how fear and inspiration are interlinked.

'How?' is not exactly the expression that I expect the readers to advance, I would rather you ask 'Why?' Have you ever heard the saying

"Go back a little to leap further."

Well, you have now, which is so truly said by John Clarke. Making it a little less difficult to understand, if you want to overcome the fear of failure and move towards success, go back a little. Just like those tiny mannequins when they are moved, on the monopoly boards; after a card reads to go back a few spaces. You do so too, by going back in the history, not of your own, but of someone who inspires you. Someone who is your role model; let it be your father, your friend, your mentor or even your enemy. Have a flash back of their past and see how they lived their life, their normative patterns, the theories they had, their ideas. Why not comply the statistics that your enemies follow to work something against you, into working something towards you. That is when you will recover through the delusional effects fear is putting you through and step into a world of success through inspiration.

Inspirations as many as they can be, are yet hard to bury. At different points in our life we go "Awh man, I need to do it like (s)he did ". Sometimes, bringing the real person out of you might be difficult, oh come on! Who are we kidding here? All of us fake a personality somewhere, somehow, sometime in our life. The difference is that the counterfeit behavior which is adopted by some of us, becomes a habit for some people while a single jiffy of necessity for the others. In that very state of pretense we may be liked by someone or disliked as well. May be you are an inspiration for someone, maybe you're a source of encouragement. That doesn't really mean you should go on faking what you're not, but it clarifies that one shall be careful at every stage of life.

This is how we live our life with fear and with inspiration, with panic but with stimulation and above all with trepidation along with enthusiasm. Fearlessness is not what we believe in, it's something we live for. As Mr. Oliver Goldsmith truly says

"Our greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Which is why fear is good my friends, fear is healthy and to be honest, fear is what resides within us; from the thought of being kidnapped by that little mini van, that always scares the hell out of us when it passes by, to the deliberation of being left alone by our loved ones. As much as I love adding the sayings of people who inspire me, I would love to share them with you, maybe they'll inspire you too!

"A man's life is interesting primarily when he has failed, I well know. For it's a sign that he tried to surpass himself." - Georges Clemenceau

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Sting of a Good-Bye.

I'll see you later then', 'Bu-bye', 'Catch you later', 'Hope to see you soon'; from
the simplest good-bye to the oddest hug, we all know how much seeing off someone sucks. No matter how far you're going there always is a spark inside you which ignites the fire within you as soon as you start covering the distance.
All you can think of is how easily that moment passed away which you will be remembering for a very long time. It's like that fire which has been started up inside you after you say good-bye ix spreading like a disease. You question yourself, "Is this good-bye worth saying?"

People amuse me, how they can never really care when they see someone they love, leave.
When I say leave, mind me it stands even for the tiny bit of 'Ok honey I am leaving for off
ice' as well.

Sometimes when I take a look around me and see people; people who think that it really doesn't matter if they let the little emotions go. But believe me for some people those tidbits of emotions mean a lot.

Here's the catch, when people show how much they don't care, actually they do. Deep inside either it's the care which holds them from letting go or the negligence which
is responsible for the coldness.

In general, there are many ways people try to act smart when it comes to hiding that fire which I mentioned before, while they say good-bye. All that wiping away some dust particle from your eye, that coughing due to cold, all those 'hurry up you're getting late', those 'I hope you're not forgetting something' and that frequent inquiry of 'When will you come back'. Translation? "Hell yeah I don't want you to leave".
So, no matter how good the cause is, one requires a strong heart to say good-bye. Although we might have said good-bye many times but yet we know that it stings. It's like you're running towards the possibilities of finding options.
Like you want to trade places and see what it feels like to be in their shoes and you realize that the person doesn't care? What if it's only you, they're running away from? All those emotions come rushing back.
Those states of deliriousness you went through before. But I guess sometimes, you just have to let go. No matter how hard it is, you have to say good-bye and when you accept this thought; it's time. Time to close your eyes and push back those tears, those memories and above all those feelings, which were once worth having.

"What we can't do is live our lives afraid of the next good-bye because chances are they are not going to stop. The trick is to recognize when a good-bye can be a good thing - when it's a chance to start again." America Ferrera

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have, Didn't!

Every single Pakistani might have heard or read the famous percept "Could have, would have, should have. didn't!". Well, you might be intrigued how I have spoken of the people of my country only, in fact every one of you might have percieved it, but this phrase is specified for the people of Pakistan, this is the rule which many of the people of Pakistan or shall I say almost every one follows. Fascinating, isn't it? How firmly I excluded my self of this living pattern, well yes because this is not how I prefer living my life. I mean I know it's not that easy to have a perfect life, without any oppositions, without any poor circumstances or without any unscrutinized ideas! But come on! Grow up, If you are being opposed by a bunch of dumb people won't mean you should turn into an emotional freak, take poor decisions and make bad judgments.

Now, taking you out of this vex image that you just reckoned, let me clear it. Considering the
current issue of "Everybody Draw Muhammad (SAW) Day", It makes me feel sick when I think of how Molly Norris could have made fun of our religion and called it "Freedom Of Speech" and how everyone would have Inappropriately followed and supported her. But the "Freedom Of Speech" part ?!?! HA!! Well, if insulting someone's religion is called freedom of speech then we're probably kidding each other.

So, leaving the cartoonists alone and coming to our nation's reaction makes me feel even sicker! Seriously, protests, swearing, strikes, swearing, cursing, some more swearing and some more cursing? You people think this would help? Is this going to elucidate our problems? Is this going to aid the disease? Come on, GET OVER IT! Being a Muslim we all know that everything is between us and Allah (Almighty) and it's between them and Allah (Almighty), then why agitate? We know that Allah (Almighty) is the Sanctifier, so we better make our acts better if we want to be rewarded at Akhrat. Worry about ourself and less about other, worry about what we believe and not what others did.

Allah will deal with us and what we believed and did, we shall not fall apart due to the acts of revolt. Rather than meliorating and modifying ourself we are stirring up! How uncanny. Remember how our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) never uttered a word against his enemy, instead He prayed for their forgiveness and betterment. So pray for those smutty little minds to be resolved rather than fighting with them. Everyone knows, even the Munafikeens believed that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the greatest man on Earth (without doubt), then how can we be affected by the wrong doers.

So, in my perspective it would be better if we leave others alone and let Allah deal with them, we should make ourselves better and gnaw at our weaknesses. The focal point of our life should be in becoming a good Muslim. So, go ahead and follow the rule of "I was, I am and I will". As it is said in Qur'an, Surah Bani Israel, Ayat 9:

"Verily this Qur-an does guide to that which is most right , and gives the glad tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnificent reward"

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost There..........!!!!

Howdy Homies,
Wishing You All a very Happy New Year!!!!!

I am pledged after getting all of your posts and honoured to know that so many of you follow my blog. It has been a while since I wrote last as there have been some issues with the site maintainance stuff.

So after reading your mails and posts I have planned to clear some of your ambiguities. Many of you asked if I could allow all of your comments to be posted, this request of yours will soon bear fruit.

I received a few posts asking if I would write upon your chosen topics, well that is not a bad idea though. So I would like to announce that those who read my blog and follow me, to present me with their Hot Topics and I would ponder upon them for sure. Providing that the topics are related to the present issues and are not out dated. So I would be looking forward on receiving your posts.

PS: Topics received after 18th January would be considered late.

More later