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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Youth Responsibility: An uphill battle!

"What is youth talk?" The basic question shall not be what is youth talk, instead it should be; "what is the purpose of youth talk?" Let me tell you. The purpose of youth talk these days is to show how much you think about youth awareness, to show off how much of awareness you think you are spreading in your country and to bring up new topics for dicussions in public shows. Well, in my perspective, a Youth Talk should always be meant for making the youth realise what their real obligations are, what the point of youth responsibilty really is. This and only this will help in bringing a change in our nation, in any nation.

The amount of youth reached is increasing day by day in our country. Talking about youth in Pakistan, there are 36 million people (estimated in 2004) of ages 15-24 living in Pakistan. Till now they might have been doubled and from these 34 million I assure that out of 100%, 49% are literate and the rest are facing illiteracy. Where did this 49 % got educated? No, the answer is not completely Pakistan. Out of these 49%, a few got educated in Pakistan. The others using the money their parents have earned, study at International Universities, get high class jobs there and are satisfied after gnawing on their parent's money.
When a person turns 18 he/she has to adjust with some responsibilities in his/her life. A person who is 18 or above is illegible to vote, he is capable of selecting the path of good or evil. He has developed a sense of earning for a living. At this very stage is the time to prosper. So at this point the youth gets itslef divided into two separate groups. The rural and the urban. The rural and urban youth just not verifies wether you are a citizen or a villager. It specifies what kind of ruralness or urbaness you belong to.

A person who is well aware of the effects his/her actions could cause is a person who will one day get what he wants. This is where the problem lies, where the difference lies. Proving my point, I would say a person who is illegable of voting does not know who to vote is way binded to failure than a person who knows who to vote and why to vote. In Pakistan, where the literate rural youth should be knowing that which government suites the best of our needs is only busy to know which restaurant suites the best of their standard. These are the people who should be alerted, who should be forced to open their eyes not to see the Pink, Purple, Crystal White, Blue ceilings of their expnsively built houses but to see what they are letting the others out for. To see what the world around them really is like. To see how the youth in the slums is. Who fight to get one meal a day. Who work from the dawn till dust.

On the other hand where we talk about slums, its way different there. All we need is a weekend to enjoy, all they need is a meal to enjoy, all they need is a clean life to enjoy, all they need is some education to enjoy, so they can also know why they are given a 500 Rs bill by the government to stamp on a pieace of paper and put it in a box, so they can know that the bill they get is the misuse of their rights, the paper they just stamp on is a paper which decides wether they will get food for the next year or not, the box they put the paper in is called a ballet box.

Well one of my true friends has always said to me that "Never reach to judgement". But my friend, reaching to judgement is not what we do, it is what we are forced to do. So by the end what we get is not exactly a conclusion but a situation which I bet will cause todays rural youth to hold their head between their hands and say "Its Difficult". Here is what will change our lives completely. The youth will only realize what it is like to live a life full of uphill battles.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Judges Reinstated, The 1st Step Towards Victory!!!

Every citizen of Pakistan, after a long period of struggle and hard work, is celebrating the joy of the Re-Instatement Of The Judges. Only to see this treasured day people faught against the government, to prove that this time everything has to change, that this time WE prove who is good and who is bad, that this time WE decide what is good and what is not good for US, because during the past few years we have been taking so much on ourselves that we have forgot to use the power inside our soul. The power to Cherish ourselves, the power to compete against Evil, the power to spread whats Right.

Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, or the person I call the Man of Righteousness, a Man of True Spirit. As it mostly said that "Learn everything, everywhere, everytime, let it be from a book, a programme or a person". So today I have proudly learnt a lot from Mr Iftikhar. After watching the hopes in his eyes, that one day he'll get re-instated, and he proudly did, I learnt the meaning of "living your life with hopes in it". The true reason for living for myself, not for any other person or form of government. I learnt what the basic importance of aiming for what I wanted was.

Thousands of people protested, from every city of Pakistan, they joined the Long March, which started from 9th March 2008 and finally ended on 15th March 2009. People never ever gave up, instead they did every possible thing they could for bringing a change, a change which'll have a great impact on our country's future.

A large number of Women also participated in this Long March, they along the men, standing side by side with them, lurched towards the Capital of Pakistan, to give an enormous proof to the government of what'll happen if they would not cooperate with taking the right step for our country's progress.

Lawyers who played a vast and special role in the re-instatement of government, were arrested to everyone's utter astonishment. So they did what was right, they escaped the hard grip of the Orders of the Government given to the Police officers. They proceeded towards what they had planned.

Finally, when the lawyers were just an inch near to achieve their goal of proceeding towards DHARNA, the Government Gave Up. Prime Minister Gillani announced the re-instatement of the judges, it was a great news for everyone, but an extreme horror to some people who feared for what they did. So today we are alive and we are just towards Ourselves, Our Judges, Our Lawyers. PZ!!!