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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Wind That Keeps Blowing

After spending 10 years, trying to understand the stages of change that most people consider "precious in a child's life", I have channeled the fact that no matter how much effort we put in trying to customize ourselves, bedeck our personality, furnish our existence, or to turn out as an immaculate product, the patterns cannot be changed. To be honest and with all due respect, if studying psychology makes you understand human nature or how we humans actually 'perceive', I think the world would be a better place by now. The truth is all of that is a load of bull. I mean if that is who psychologists are supposed to be than why are there millions of people still trying to figure out why people bail on the ones they love, why parents don't give a shit about their children, why is it that whenever we invest our trust in someone, they go all the way and dump it. The truth cannot be figured out that way, they cannot go ahead and say 'oh darn the differences'. The truth is that we are NOT addle-pates who are studied by and follow the patterns of  an other bunch of dolts. The truth is we are screwed, we are screwed bad, and trust me we are not doing anything but being a bunch of morons paying millions to other morons to sort our problems. Rightly speaking, when it comes to investing we only have money and interest to invest, and not the part of our lives that actually can bring in what we need. We are not investing our time, our faith, our belief and the paramount element of 'our TRUST'. 

Well, humans are unpredictable, WE are unpredictable. Nothing separates us, we talk about religion, culture,  norms, stratification, nations and race? Bullshit. We are all the same, running after comfort and what happens when we find it? Are we grateful? Are we satisfied? For the sake of all that's holy! Don't even get me going there. To boil it down, the fact is that we get these two things, oh boy we do, but do we mind keeping it? Nope! That's our problem, we munch and gnaw at it and then toss it away. I have met people, people who have done exactly what I just almost barfed, and to be honest I never judge. But god forbid, I have seen what their souls go through (not literally), it's like Karma plunges its claws down their throats and then gags them with their own hatred, jealousy, lust and subtle cunningness. 

This is what keeps me locked in my room, under my sheets, trying to figure out why are we so weak and fragile. I had the answer but I just couldn't find a way to put it into words, but I did. You know how in movies, or songs, and books when a couple breaks up, a father abandons his family, a brother bails on his siblings or a mother cheats and runs away with her lover. They always seem to get around the perfect phrase for it 'Trust Issue'. Well that's the scourge, 'trust issue', provided the above symptoms I must say the faciat is what screws us up. It's simple, we trust people, our trusts are broken, people trust us, we dampen that cloth too and principally the knot is tied where we irrevocably believe that no one might ever trust us. That's when we come crashing down from cloud 9.