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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Que Sera Sera......

I remember when I was child I used ask my family whether they would choose me or the other person I would name if we were to fall from a cliff. I always named someone who would be very dear to them, believe it or not I hardly remember anyone saying my name. Then I would get all teary eyed and run for the bathroom. Now when I look back and reminisce, boy do I laugh my ass off. Seriously what was I thinking? In this so called 21st century, where people would spit on you and walk away if you wouldn't prove yourself worthy of their acceptance and when I say acceptance I mean the 'am I being benefited?' sort of the term.

People say 'the world has turned into a global village', 'the status of the society has increased', 'there is so much competition' bla bla bla. Yeah increased society status, I know quite very well. I doubt if people are really moving towards the future and not back to the stone age. As believed, in the stone age the wives of the barbarians used to control men and made them do crazy stuff like hunting other members of the family, if they fell short of food. Believe me I can say, I am sure as hell that stuff is happening these days too.

It is said, Que Sera Sera, which means "what will be, will be". In my perspective this phrase relates a lot to the Pakistani society. Specifically, in the most important institution of the society ; Family.