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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Motion Ride: Want to be Jaunted?

As the craze of outing broadens day by day, so does the number of clambake places. Slowly and gradually Rawalpindi is making it's way through the list of Most Enthralling Cities. Well, I guess after Lahore and Karachi, Rawalpindi is the third most talked about city. After the Inauguration of the 'Jinnah Park' in 2005, Rawalpindi has racked up alot of it's commoners attention. First of all the very famous food chain Restaurant and/or Burger Parlour 'McDonald's' was outset on 11th August 2006, then the down pat 'Cinepax' was initiated on 14 October 2007 , then as Jinnah Park subsequently became the hub of Public Entertainment, It gave birth to the well known Pizza Salon 'Papa Sallis' and many other eateries such as Diva Restaurant etc.

After the cafe got shut down; which was set in motion near Papa Sallis, Jinnah Park gave Authority to the possessors of 'The Motion Ride' to raise the curtain in lieu to the cafe. As most of you might be pondering, that it would be some lame superficial ride to go for, as I myself was first mistaken, I would clear those mystical doubts. No, Motion Ride is a 4D (4 Dimensional) ride, the objects surround you completely, making you feel a bit down to the game, with all the fun in the same cubicle or shall I say the Dark Room. It is a ride which everyone can extol from 4 year old to 40 year old. With a Ticket of Rs 100 per person only. So, all we did and you need to do is enjoy the thrills and spills of the bumpy state of the art-motion stimulator and get bounced and surprised on every turn of the ride. All you would need to do is to take your seat and get set to be thrown into a heart pumping ride.

Things you would need:
A Huge Amount Of Imaginations
A Heart
Vacant Hands
ans Lots and Lots of Laughs and Screams

So, hold on to your seats before it starts and Don't say no one warned you!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

True Countenance Of The Millionaires Revealed

Slowly and gradually the Media has started exercising some of its vocation to promote what our astonishing and magnificent (NOT!!) government is planning to take our country Pakistan towards, instead of reporting who called who and who visited who and making a big deal out of it. Seriously what is the major concern in Mr. Obama or Mr. Bush or any other American leader calling our So Called President Mr. Zardari? Well I think the Media is blind and has always tried to prove to us what they were always told to by their "Honchos". Where they should have shown that bazillions of children are getting dirt to eat instead of Alfredo Fettuccine, they illustrated which one of our leaders are going out for dinner tonight, instead of showing how many men and women are dying of Cancer, HIV and Pneumonia every day, they showed how our leaders got flu and to which posh hospitals they were being taken.

So, after a long time or maybe for the first time, the news channels are working on stuff which would open the eyes of the citizens who think we are sanctified with a perfect government, well yeah many of you would be in an awe, that what moron would think so, but that's the truth and the reason behind this sort of dumb assumption is that they themselves are involved with them. They are being paid drastic amount of money, not for working hard but for sitting in their offices and cheating on others. I don't think such people shall even be called human beings. They are just dummies who become filthy rich buy defrauding their own faith and who pine for money. Money to fulfil their needs. In the 21st century they are called millionaires. Ha!!! Millionaires my #$@*.

Well Millionaires are NOT those people who are caught stealing their collaborators MONEY!!! Then caught buying stuff from stores asap without even thinking that there is this new technology known as CAMERA!!!! Seriously, talk about illiteracy. That's why I was wondering why when once I was being interviewed, I was asked that 'Is education necessary to become a politician?' and I was like 'Absolutely' and the interviewer was like 'I don't think so because so many people in our government are illiterate, (they don't even know guns should be carried with a licence), and I was like 'No sir our government is literate enough' and now when I think of what I said to him, I feel like a complete jerk. I still remember the look he gave me when I said that thing about our government being literate. He looked at me as if I were from "Planet I Don't Know Anything" Now I get the Idea, what he meant. So you can see how every one is being affected by the new mode of News Channels. I mean first they were on a SLEEP mode and now they have modified to the ACTIVE mode.

So, I will give you my side of the definition of a millionaire. People who are millionaires are not just some ordinary people who think they have lived enough a life of middle classy and want to turn into millionaires in a week and guess how? You probably know that one. Instead Millionaires are people who think that they are living a life of middle classy and they ask themselves that there could be something much more enhanced then what they have already discovered and then they try to discover what more could be better, by themselves. They plan ways to reach that stage of freedom by developing a long term thinking habit. Most of all they remain patient and don't work in haste to achieve success. When they fail on their way to that stage they don't back off, they don't try to get out of that failure by bribery they deal in the best way and they ask themselves empowering questions. They ask 'What is life trying to teach me?'.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 5 Most Read Books

Hey there everyone, it's been a long since I have posted our Top Hits whether they are books, movies or artists. Well it's time, again to single out our favourites. So as we were done with the movies last time, this time I'll present the ''Top 5 Most Read Books''.

1. 'Persuasion' By Jane Austen.

Jane is one of the best 'Romance Novel' writers. Austen's 'Persuasuion' was published posthumously in 1818, the readers say it is the ultimate tear inducing, most romantic and generally epic story, but I won't recommend it because I have not read it yet, but I am sure it's has an edge to it.

2.'Bad Traffic' By Simon LewisAs said by the readers, "Nothing to be bored of" and "You won't even have the thoughts of picking up another book". It keeps you enthralled right until the end. But I just read it's excerpt and it caught my attention and after I was finished I wished I had the entire book. So it is a complete mystery series for all the ML's.

3. 'The Twilight series' By Stephenie MeyerStephenie Meyer is the author of the populary known The Twilight Saga, well this is one of my personal favourites as I am a big fan of romance novels, though, the books of these series got great responses after the lanch of the movie Twilight based on the book. So I would for sure recommend this book to every one not only teenagers.

4. 'Top Ten Habbits of Millionaires' By Keith Cameron Smith

Keith Cameron is a entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. This is a book which the more you read the more you get what life is all about. I have read this book almost 10 times because every time you read it you will learn a new rule to base your life apon. So 10 out of 10 for this book, I recommend it strongly to everybody.

5. 'The Three Musketeers' By Alexandre DumasThough I haven't read this book, but it is one of the top read books. So, what I would say is that it looks boring to me! But you should always go for new stuff, so read it on your own risk! lol.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Villains: Why Don't they have a Happy Ever After?

Every single story whether it's a fiction or non-fiction, has the main characteristics which include: a hero, a heroine and a villain. Almost every one of these stories have a happy ending, in which the hero weds the heroine and they live happily ever after. Well that's just one part of telling the story which almost the entire world adapts. The question is why isn't the other half of the story told? You think when the hero and the heroine live happily ever after the story ends? No? Why? Of-course you don't know. Simply releasing another series of the same story with another villain won't let you get what it's all about. What about the people who are tagged as the villains? Why their side of the story is never told? Now is that fair? The answer is a big fat NO!

Taking the example of Popeye; The Sailor who is a fictional hero famous for appearing in comic strips and animated films as well as numerous television shows, created by Elzie Crisler Segar in 1929. Who has not seen Popeye eating spinach and becoming powerful? He does this for Olive and then when you move on to knowing Bluto, yeah yeah the big fat strong man usually tagged as The Villain, many would be blank.

Well let me tell you his part of the story, Bluto or Bruttus is a person who fell in love with Olive when this story started, in the beginning Bluto loved Olive and then tried to find ways of impressing her but then Popeye came and when Bluto started to fight for his love he was pushed away to the hard side. Does any one like Bluto? No. Does Olive love Bluto? No. Every one likes Popeye just because he eats Spinach and becomes strong!!

Now now many people wont agree with me regarding the above notion. Well ok, if not, then here is another example. What about James? Remember him? James who was also tagged as a Villain in the very popular movie and a book Twilight. Come on now! Just because Edward was a special vampire having senses to control his thirst for human beings, won't mean every vampire could. He fell in love with a human girl and brings her in front of the other vampires. Was it James' fault if he was a vampire? If he couldn't control sucking blood, which every vampire does, except Mr. I-Practiced-The-Hell-Out-Of-Self-Control.

What if Jasper was killed by Edward for attacking Bella on her birthday, wouldn't Alice hate Edward as Victoria did. No but still Victoria was killed. Why? Just for taking revenge for the person she loved. Now that's an incomplete story. You want me to ask about Irina and her mate. Probably no, because that would cost a bit of mind teasing.

Well lets take the commonly seen and heard stories. Like Rapunzel, Cinderella, Bernard, Goggly and much more. So you see all the half told stories are a super hit, though, they leave the most important half of themselves untold and unfolded. I don't think we are being fair to all of the people tagged as villains. What about Lady Tremaine? Was her part of the story told? No. What about Underminer from the The Incredibles? So you see you just look at them and give a big laugh when they are getting beaten up by the HEROES!

When you lose a match, all you get is being laughed at. Every one talks about the winner, how well he played. Have you ever thought about the great shots you played between the game? On which the audience cheered and hooted? You might but the others don't. That's when only half of the reality is being showed. The other half is FORGOTTEN.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cuba : A Land Of We Not Me.

Cuba is an Island Country in The Caribbean. It is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, 150 km south of Key West, Florida. It covers a total area of 110,860 sq km. It has a population of 11,451,652 (July 2009 est). It has been truly said

"Everybody hates me because I'm so universally liked" -Mr Peter De Vries

By using the word "Me" I am for sure referring to The country of Cuba. Verifying my statement, I shall not put you in a vex situation. Cuba is said to be a non-wellfare country, but in my perspective anyone who says so, is unaware that this country has been providing its citizens, every basic necessity of life.

Out of the total population, 99.8% of Cubans are literate. A large number of people of Cuba are considered to be doctors. People of Cuba are known as the most descent people on the surface of Earth. This country was under attack of the American army, this war was known as 'The Spanish-American War' for independence of Cuba.

Cuba is well-known for its Health Care System. This notion is further verified by an Academy award-winning American filmmaker, author and liberal political commentator; Michael Moore. He directed and produced Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko. These movies were amongst the top five highest-grossing documentaries of all time. Michael Moore directed Sicko which was a contrast of the American and the Cuban health care system. According to Michael Moore on a letter at his website,

"Roads that often surprise us and lead us to new ideas – and challenge us to reconsider the ones we began with have caused some minor delays."

The film was the subject of many controversies, when it was known that Michael Moore went to Cuba, with chronically ill September 11th rescue workers to shoot parts of the film. The film is currently ranked the third highest grossing documentary of all time and has received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Michael moore held interviews with the 9/11 rescue workers, who volunteered after the attacks and were neglected completely by the American government, when it came for taking care of the physical and psycological maladies they had developed, including respiratory diseases and PTSD.

These rescue workers along with Michael Moore; in the documentary, needing medical attention, travelled from Miami to Cuba in order to obtain free medical care. The group arrives to Havana, where they purchase inexpensive medicines and receive free medical treatment. Providing only their name and birth date, the volunteers were hospitalized and received medical attention. Before they left, the rescue workers were honored by a local Havana fire station at Cuba.

Cuba has so far proven itself as the land of We not Me. Cuba has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the region, with the average citizen living up to 76 years. Hence, by keeping this country in our mind as an exquisite example of self determination and integration. Through this example, we can improve our sense of living a civilized life, through mutual cooperation and cohesion.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hip Hop: An Expresso!

Hip Hop shall not be called a genre of singing but, it should rather be known as a style of expressing feelings. Hip Hop is always been disgraced for containing harsh and asperous language, but it is and it will be appreciated because it not based on lyrics channeled through vacant minds, in fact, if you try to understand what the person is trying to express, then for sure it will put a full stop at ones disgraceful thoughts. People say hip hop has no future, but actually they don't really know much about the ghettos which have millions of astonishing hardened up hearts growing in them.
Hip Hop has an Afro-American root. Davey D has been popularly known as the presenter of the Afro-American reggae music history. Snoop Dog, 2pac(late), Notorious Big(late) are the previously well-known rappers of the music history. Rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida and Missy Elliot are popularly known these days.

When mentioning Hip Hop one shall not forget that it is also a genre of dancing. People who do hip hop dancing are professionally known as B' boys or B' girls. B' boying is another advanced style of Hip Hop. B' boying is adapted by a lot of people in Africa and North America. In many countries, especial authorized institutions have been established. In these institutions a large number of people apply to learn different forms of Hip Hop dancing. Mr Robert James Hoffman is one of the famous dancers known everywhere. His dancing is rather magical.

Break dancing is also another type of Hip Hop dancing style. Though it contains the same moves but with different styles. Mr Micheal Jackson is a widely known break dancer. Where-ever you consult the examples of break dancers, B' boys and rappers, you'll find people who you have commonly seen on TV and heard on radios. Break dancing has a number of moves which include Hand sliding, Healing, Head Rolling and many more.

Coming back to Hip Hop music, it is utterly necessary to have an attitude regarding what you present. You might have always noticed that rappers are well-known for their bad attitude towards their work, but it would be a little difficult for people who think so, to understand, that this behavior results in what they are famous for now. We always assume hat their lives might be way different than ours. But they might be living in huge houses and own expensive cars but they are the same as we are from inside. They are just tired of seeing themselves that way.

Hip Hop and Rap has a very bright future. A very famous Punjabi Rap Star Bohemia is known as the best Punjabi Rapper. He belongs to Lahore, a city in Pakistan. So it is a shame for many of us that we are unable to recognize this art of expression as something moderate and important. As it is truly said

"Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change"
-Doug E. Fresh

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Youth Responsibility: An uphill battle!

"What is youth talk?" The basic question shall not be what is youth talk, instead it should be; "what is the purpose of youth talk?" Let me tell you. The purpose of youth talk these days is to show how much you think about youth awareness, to show off how much of awareness you think you are spreading in your country and to bring up new topics for dicussions in public shows. Well, in my perspective, a Youth Talk should always be meant for making the youth realise what their real obligations are, what the point of youth responsibilty really is. This and only this will help in bringing a change in our nation, in any nation.

The amount of youth reached is increasing day by day in our country. Talking about youth in Pakistan, there are 36 million people (estimated in 2004) of ages 15-24 living in Pakistan. Till now they might have been doubled and from these 34 million I assure that out of 100%, 49% are literate and the rest are facing illiteracy. Where did this 49 % got educated? No, the answer is not completely Pakistan. Out of these 49%, a few got educated in Pakistan. The others using the money their parents have earned, study at International Universities, get high class jobs there and are satisfied after gnawing on their parent's money.
When a person turns 18 he/she has to adjust with some responsibilities in his/her life. A person who is 18 or above is illegible to vote, he is capable of selecting the path of good or evil. He has developed a sense of earning for a living. At this very stage is the time to prosper. So at this point the youth gets itslef divided into two separate groups. The rural and the urban. The rural and urban youth just not verifies wether you are a citizen or a villager. It specifies what kind of ruralness or urbaness you belong to.

A person who is well aware of the effects his/her actions could cause is a person who will one day get what he wants. This is where the problem lies, where the difference lies. Proving my point, I would say a person who is illegable of voting does not know who to vote is way binded to failure than a person who knows who to vote and why to vote. In Pakistan, where the literate rural youth should be knowing that which government suites the best of our needs is only busy to know which restaurant suites the best of their standard. These are the people who should be alerted, who should be forced to open their eyes not to see the Pink, Purple, Crystal White, Blue ceilings of their expnsively built houses but to see what they are letting the others out for. To see what the world around them really is like. To see how the youth in the slums is. Who fight to get one meal a day. Who work from the dawn till dust.

On the other hand where we talk about slums, its way different there. All we need is a weekend to enjoy, all they need is a meal to enjoy, all they need is a clean life to enjoy, all they need is some education to enjoy, so they can also know why they are given a 500 Rs bill by the government to stamp on a pieace of paper and put it in a box, so they can know that the bill they get is the misuse of their rights, the paper they just stamp on is a paper which decides wether they will get food for the next year or not, the box they put the paper in is called a ballet box.

Well one of my true friends has always said to me that "Never reach to judgement". But my friend, reaching to judgement is not what we do, it is what we are forced to do. So by the end what we get is not exactly a conclusion but a situation which I bet will cause todays rural youth to hold their head between their hands and say "Its Difficult". Here is what will change our lives completely. The youth will only realize what it is like to live a life full of uphill battles.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Judges Reinstated, The 1st Step Towards Victory!!!

Every citizen of Pakistan, after a long period of struggle and hard work, is celebrating the joy of the Re-Instatement Of The Judges. Only to see this treasured day people faught against the government, to prove that this time everything has to change, that this time WE prove who is good and who is bad, that this time WE decide what is good and what is not good for US, because during the past few years we have been taking so much on ourselves that we have forgot to use the power inside our soul. The power to Cherish ourselves, the power to compete against Evil, the power to spread whats Right.

Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, or the person I call the Man of Righteousness, a Man of True Spirit. As it mostly said that "Learn everything, everywhere, everytime, let it be from a book, a programme or a person". So today I have proudly learnt a lot from Mr Iftikhar. After watching the hopes in his eyes, that one day he'll get re-instated, and he proudly did, I learnt the meaning of "living your life with hopes in it". The true reason for living for myself, not for any other person or form of government. I learnt what the basic importance of aiming for what I wanted was.

Thousands of people protested, from every city of Pakistan, they joined the Long March, which started from 9th March 2008 and finally ended on 15th March 2009. People never ever gave up, instead they did every possible thing they could for bringing a change, a change which'll have a great impact on our country's future.

A large number of Women also participated in this Long March, they along the men, standing side by side with them, lurched towards the Capital of Pakistan, to give an enormous proof to the government of what'll happen if they would not cooperate with taking the right step for our country's progress.

Lawyers who played a vast and special role in the re-instatement of government, were arrested to everyone's utter astonishment. So they did what was right, they escaped the hard grip of the Orders of the Government given to the Police officers. They proceeded towards what they had planned.

Finally, when the lawyers were just an inch near to achieve their goal of proceeding towards DHARNA, the Government Gave Up. Prime Minister Gillani announced the re-instatement of the judges, it was a great news for everyone, but an extreme horror to some people who feared for what they did. So today we are alive and we are just towards Ourselves, Our Judges, Our Lawyers. PZ!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Movies of 2008

So The Time has Come When We sort Out the Most Cool & UnCool Movies of The Past Year.....

.......So Not High Schoolish....I mean helllooo wheres the Drama, the Action, the Romance, What kind of Musical is it???? All it is, is MUSIC---ALL. SO 4/10....:-(

OMG!!! Its hell cool... its as best as its first part...okiee Rhon's not hot but He Sure does looks cool being Hell Boy...Love it. 10/10

Ummmm Whatzzz This? Oh yeah a movie....having the boy from the ethiopian movie and the guy from the mummy, and I dont know about the girlie in it...So not cool...4/10

Yeah now thats what I call a Happening....LOLx.....Its so cool with so cool scenes...love it 9/10.