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Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Once in a While

People blame the world for being cruel or unjust, but it's the 'people' who make up the world, isn't it? Ah yes! That's what I thought. This has nothing to do with the vital stupidity of people being who they want to be, it's just another lesson. But I have grown, in a very different way; different than others, and during this process of growth I have learnt things that aren't hidden from anyone, people just don't accept them. But I have and I will continue to do so as long as I exist. 

  When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that there are good people, there are bad people and then there are people who pretend to be good, but they are no better than the bad ones. So, I pretty much carried that thought along and finally made some additions. I believe that it's not the people who are good or bad, the circumstances make them so. We can't be good or bad, ever. Our occurrence in any situation tags us along. It's somewhat similar to the rain; you go out you get wet, you stay in, you don't. How so? Well, we have roles to play. There's an occurrence, we either stay and be labelled as we are supposed to be or we opt out and save us the appellation.

  I'd rather you opt out. I mean it's not like we are born to be there at every frigging locale. You know what I figured out today?  Even if you escape the effing setting, people remain curious for your non formulating expansion. Ha! I know you don't have a clue what that means, neither do I. Nayhhh, I am just kidding. In other words; people will try being Sherlock Homes. They'll grab you by the collar and rumor you until you're scattered for sure. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Torpedo of Shafted Hearts

There are sources and there are origins, not that they differ much, but there is a minor point of partition which sets them apart. If we dig profoundly in our past we can find them, can't we? When we plow farther and deeper we can see people. People being sources and people being origins. At times the people we trust the most become the source of absolute disenchantment, while sometimes people become the origins of absolute treachery. When we study these 'natives of the town of perfidy' under a microscope, we see basis of utterly unexpected behaviors in lieu of compassionate commonness. After the flashback of realization and underestimation of our instincts, we begin to widen our expectations. We judge, everyone, everything, everywhere and all the time.

Expectations; they tear us apart, sometimes like papers shoved into the waste bin and most of the times like Galleons ripped apart by the high sea tides, we're hanged onto those hooks on the line. Admit it or not it's crappy. In a way we learn not that others aren't trust worthy, but that we give away too much of ourselves. We are actually mirroring those clowns we see at merry makings, we hide behind their tears reaching out for the merry makers. The hand stretched out is more of a beg, for a part of that contentment than the distribution of our own. Therefore, after being misled we get twisted. We hate everyone, everything and at every possible time.

People; they disgust us at many summits in life, yet there's always that one person we want to be noticing. Don't we? There has to be that one person who is looking at you while you back away from the scenario of a perfect entanglement. Don't we all deserve that one person? But here's the truth, everybody is going to leave at some point in our life. Either they change or they die. So it's pretty much sums up a theory.

People; they get tired of listening to you whine, they get tired of seeing you cry all the time, they get tired of seeing how happy you can be. They are people, they're suppose to be that way. I have heard people say 'we have close friends and we have acquaintances', come on! Give the damn language some respect. Rephrasing might make it sound better 'I have friends and I have an aquarium'. 

Friday, September 2, 2011


Today is the 31st of August, the month has ended, so has my patience for the destruction of creativity and expression. It's Eid here and I am pretty much bored, after visiting friends and eating all the desserts. Also I tried to construct the title of the post accordingly, both literally and metaphorically. Anyways, what I wanted to say was, WHATEVER THE HECK HAPPENED TO MUSIC.

I mean I go to bed one night listening to Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah, just to wake up to Kanye West raping the speakers? (Yes, I meant raping, not rapping, I hope you don't want me to define that). No offense, but seriously? The point is, I love to sing, I really do, but I don't have what it takes to be a singer. Like I don't have a super fluent vocal and awesomely smooth pitch. So, regardless of having bazillions of cash, if I were offered to sing, believe me I would think, double the times of the amount of cash I had, before I made a choice.

I listen to all sorts of GOOD music, let it be hip hop, rap, R&B or country music. So I went out yesterday afternoon for shopping with my family and entered a music store, as my mom and brothers were busy buying clothes. I bought a CD which had all the latest songs on it, because I was too lazy to take my Ipod with me, also I don't have Kanye, Gaga or Pitbull on my Ipod and now I am happy I don't. I just went through the songs on the music player of my car and I heard a few songs which made me feel nauseous and puke on the wind shield. Only I didn't, because I was babysitting my nephews in the car (which is not the best thing to do when you're 19, unless you're getting paid for it). So, I'll just put up the links to the songs and tell you along how they made me feel.

1) Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft Dewle
Untill the 00:45 seconds of the song, I thought "Wow, the beat is cool", but as soon as Kanye began to sing, he ruined it. I felt like I was sitting in a stupid space shuttle listening to the announcements for taking off. But he has good songs too like; Heartless, All of the Lights and Stronger.

2) Friday - Rebecca Black

I was aware of the whole 'people making fun of this song' status going around for a while now, also that the poor singer removed her video from YouTube. Her voice is good, but I don't know why the DJ would put THIS song on the CD. She is cute and to be honest it is harsh the way people are making fun. But the lyrics are exclusively dumb besides the video. Maybe she'll make sense in some other song.

3) Joe Jonas - See no More
I wasn't really a big fan of The Jonas Brothers, but Nick has a great voice and when he sings, he connects to the listeners. After I heard this song on the stereo in my car, for a second I thought maybe with all the new hairdo and built up body, he's got something better than the teen drama shit, but I was disappointed. May be he is referring to his hairdresser because changing one's appearances don't really change one's ability to sing. May be the dress he burnt, was of his hairdresser after all!

4) Greyson Chance - Unfriend You
Believe me, when I heard the song, I thought it might be some one like Jennifer Hudson or Shontelle, but as soon as the kid sang the chorus I thought maybe Bieber kid had grown up. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It turned out to be another cute kid with developing vocals, (when I say 'developing' I mean that you HAVE to give some time your voice, to actually sound great and that happens when you are an adult)

5) Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
There are actually two versions of this song, the UK Version and the US Version. Here's the Original Version of the song.

When this song turned up on the CD I really felt like punching the DJ who made the song collection and make him STARRY EYED. I hardly understood what she said until I turned up the volume so loud that my nephews freaked out. Anyway, here's the US version of the song.
There's no difference really, other than the change of Electro to Dance, also maybe her make up looks better now. There were 32 songs on the disc and GOD FORBID what would have happened if I would have went through all of them! Also, now my heart is aching and I mean it not metaphorically. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Knowing It All

Aren't we weary of perceiving those tasteless "When life gives you lemons" citations. As much as they are bothersome, they are patterned into every possible pathetic offering. What I imply is that, is it necessary to wring lemonade out of those lemons, or bake a lemon pie or sell them on eBay? I mean can't those godforsaken lemons be somewhere they won't be questioned. The point is, we are no better than the lemons themselves, trapped in an urge of being in familiar terms with each probable fixation for us or for others. We assume, we can retort, we know we do, but the authenticity clots at the point where we stop being realistic and start being idiotic. Hence, at this stage of entanglement of idiocy with realism people mostly forget what they really know.

I've extracted another tacky quotation here, "Time heals everything in life, be patient and everything will fall into place…..", also, "Time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them” The latter one being said by Shawn Alexander.

This is how it works; time does nothing, naught at all. It merely outdoes us, or in other words, passes by. We are the ones, making our lives dirt free and for others as well. With orientation to our sufferings, we suffer and suffice together from time over and above pain. What we periodically do over time is learn, but that does not craft time as a teacher, it makes us better apprentices. As time overtakes us, we confront the true temperaments of people, things and the structure and functioning of the hysterical society. We come forth not with conclusions but with new hypothesis. They say the scientific method helps us solve methodical as well as many social problems. I agree with the former speculation, but I neither buy nor sell the latter crap. Our customary state of ambiguity, which we refer to as ‘social problems’, is a bit that time leaves us with when it passes by, is time a mentor now? Nope, not yet I say. Only, we hold the running system responsible for the perplexity. 

Time, it whacks us as it goes by, letting us feel every inch of the increase it causes in the blood stream, in our veins and the rush of adrenaline in our body. But do we learn? No. So in the end, we continue to give time more and more chances to clout us down, hang around for it, to somehow and somewhere play the tutor. Not that we’re eager to become skilled at, but we’re raring to go feel good at every point, at which time throws a challenge at us and we’re able to grasp it in the enormous glove of fortune that we’re wearing.

Did it really get on Shawn Alexander's mind, when he proposed the healing of wounds as a process of the passage of time? I AM JUT SAYING!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embracing Moira

When life puts forward opportunities, we are not always in affirmative to avail just what the doctor ordered. We might as well waste them. We do, sometimes. But those who avail these openings are not always worth gaining them. For this reason, in both the situations life muddles us up. Whether we purpose those opportunities or not, we are intertwined with the perplex state of fate. Fate; several people believe in fate and some don't, whereas some people believe more than anything in fate. Do we? Or don't we? Shall we? Or shan't we? Could we? Or can't we? In my perception, people never really know what they believe in, or not, until they are made to. We can't believe in love, unless we fall in love. Similarly we can't believe in paranoia unless we face some. Also, we can't believe in fate unless we've had a piece of it. Hence, the question in the end is, would we be able to believe? Or won't we.

Alas! We can't answer that either, because, we can't answer all the questions in our life. Some subjects are not meant to be got to the bottom of, because, if we don’t leave those unanswered questions as they are, we would be unable to have confidence in fate. No matter how delusional that might sound, it is accurate. People fear fate; they dread the fact of it contributing in their lives. So, we try harder and harder to build that block which stands steady when our plans fall back. We christen it "The Backup Plan". Whereas, the fact is, no matter how much we deem we are adequate enough to not let fate entangle its nematocysts with our life, we fail. We always do. Not that failure is bad, but failure isn't good either, to certain parts of our beliefs (if we have some that is), to be unambiguous, it is so not first-rate for our Ego.

It is almost a cliché now; taking chances, breaking down and letting go. But sometimes, we have to be the avant garde of pushing aside the dilemma of mankind. Don't we? We all are bona fide when it comes to presence, but are we front runners when it comes to exchanging blows with the angst of loss.

“We pray, we have faith, we let go, we become strong, we guard down, we build up, we become twisted, but in the end, we’re the same because we have a heart and a soul, we just don’t use them the same way.”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fixed Up In No Time

Someone once told me that in order to make our lives better we need to think better, you know the way in which we promise ourselves to be optimistic and faithfully positive. What I figured out from the whole notion was that everyone needs more and more time to figure themselves out, until they find the wings to fly. So yeah, that's the bottom line, no buts', no ifs' and no ambiguities. It's pretty much a fact that every person we know is a pessimist somewhere deep inside, no matter how much of a perfect life people live-which I doubt they can- they are still unhappy. Oh come on! Don't give me the 'Pfft that isn't true' look. I can bet my screwed faithfulness off that this is the case with everyone. We need better moods, better shoes, better future, better teachers, better parents, better siblings, better clothes, better partners, better jobs, better education, better social circles, better features, better houses and better what not!

When I was 15, my mentor once asked me "What do you see when you look around you?", then he told me to ask myself the same question, every time I pass onto the further stages of life and see how the answer varies. I wouldn't lie but I found it weird at that time, but gradually as I moved on I answered the same question in different ways, with more depth every time. Now when I look around, I see complexity in mankind. Ironically yes, it was meant to be taken metaphorically! When I look around I see not people but I see pretentious puppets.

People say the the human species is an atomic mixture of complex psychology. Agreed and checked! I believe this 'SPECIES' better be defined as an atomic mixture of completely appositive psyche. Actually, all human beings are a bunch of losers trying to figure out what it is that they need to get themselves in a better place. Luckily, many of these human beings succeed, whereas the rest, they are pretty much still losers. And no, if you're rich, beautiful, cool (lol!), studying in the best school or a have huge social circle, you're still pretty much of a loser. If we're not living for a reason, we're losers. You know people, they are ready to bite us if they get a chance. Boy would I love to be specific, but as much as I'd love to I still can't. So, yeah as I was saying, people, God! I mean come on, can't you just live your own life, the way you wan't to? No! People they'll intrude and they'll do everything they can to make us feel bad, to confuse us, to insult us and to hurt us.

There are two points of Suckism in our lives (that really isn't a word, I just made it up, but what the hell!) First, being the point where we suck at everything and second, where everything we do sucks! Mostly, people who are old enough to have passed their age of doing something for a change, consider teenagers to have possessed these qualities. But wait, then there is a group of people who are at a certain stage of their life, where they start believing that they are young enough to be stupid and old enough to be groomed! Two words for both the groups, HA HA!

Seriously, is this how we human beings pass our lives? Tonight I'm not quite in the mood to be all worked up with the literariness, but whatever. The four basic stages of our lives are:
1) Kids - Lunatics- they develop brains after eating out yours
2) Teenagers - emotional freaks - unable to develop the guts to sort out problems.
3) Middle aged - Conservative hypocrites - always trying to quit smoking.
4) Vulnerable Elders- diseased- visiting hospitals so frequently that you start feeling like it's you who're diseased and not them.

Hence, rule of life!

Life > Reason > Meaningful
Life > Burdening the planet > I'd rather you'd be dead.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hunter and the Hunted.

There's a time when you sit down and think, it doesn't matter that you're thinking about, what matters is, whether you're responding to your surrounding and the environment or not, while your lost in those thoughts. Deep while you're drowning, those sensory nerves of yours are picking up scents, signals and radiations, both positive and negative. You're entire life is affected by the way you sense things. Sixth sense or not! You know that your life has many vital atoms in it. These atoms make up the rain drops as they hit the surface of your skin, they form the cold breeze when you walk out your front door and above all they create those moving live bodies of flesh around you.

You know, once and for all we decide those human bodies are meant to be there, as without them no theory can be bought. But then there are people who form the most important part of your life, yet are a cause of making it the specified non worthy and unwanted part, a side without which you would prefer to exist, as they make you feel uncomfortable both from the inside and the outside. These are the parasites, who would stay by your side for the sole reason to fulfill their needs as long as they can, leaching off everything they want, by fair or unfair means, mostly you wouldn't be needing them, but ironically they are amongst the bricks of the important wall, remember? Yeah, so when one reaches for them, one realizes that the hand which stretched out to be held, actually just stirred the empty mass of hallucination.

The faces have every bit of delusional innocence which has nothing what so ever to do with their hypocrite minds, minds which are diverted from one track of thinking to another by complete annexation of the third party which takes over their thoughts and their evolution. Faces which are covered with smiles like those of the parrots which coordinate with the bagpiper's instrumental black magic. Those bloody fake smiles, making a fool out of you. Making you believe that they are meant for your soul's enjoyment, in contrast to which they are actually nothing but phonies. Imitations of art that are meant to delude further of your minds. Smiles which are meant to screw the heck out of your trust. When revealed are nothing but complete acts of phony.

But what about the eyes? Do they lie too? No they don't. The fiends that lie behind those eyes are always detected by true searchers of trustworthy souls. The searchers whose hearts are over flowing with the desire to gain success in building their own Utopians. Their search begins through the eyes. They validate the brows at first, the bends in them, the curves, the twists, the turns, the frowning ones and the calm ones. Then the pointer moves towards the eyes. This target leads them to the conclusion of their search.

All in all we are always surrounded by people who matter and the ones who don't. After every trial we return home, take of our shoes, stretch our arms and legs, and relax, as if the term really exists. Lie down, close our eyes and fall asleep with the hope that maybe in the morning, may be when the sun rises and may be when we open our eyes again, we might get an answer, we might succeed in gaining that one person we want, that one human we desire, that one soul we want to draw out to our satisfaction.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those Three Days

Maybe it’s not necessary for us to have everything we want, no matter how much we push for it sometimes ironically destiny doesn't favor the brave or even the feeble. People around us feed upon our reactions. Why provide those parasites a source of pleasure? Maybe, it’s just us who are wrong. Maybe Hardy was totally right, when he believed that our fate is in the hands of an evil power that never lets us better ourselves. But what about others then? Do they feel the same way, when it comes to them, like we do? Only if they understood, only if they felt what we feel, only if they were able to bring out the best part of us, but aren’t we alike when it comes to understanding? Tempted by our demons, flourished by the lies we feed upon, living our lives as if nothing matters. How far can we go, without the ones we love, without the things we love and without the theories we believe? What about those regrets we reminisce when we look back in time and see how we have messed up our lives.

Suddenly, they whisper in our ear “mark my words, lies are everywhere, refine your search and nurture your site through discrete optimism or not”, could it possibly be true? What they said, what they whispered instead. Could it harm our ego? What if we were able to love forever and what if we weren’t? What if we taught someone how to love and what if we taught someone how to live?

Learning that you’re different from others is easy but realizing it is an uphill task. When losing the ones we love or the ones that loved us once, a thought strikes the key note of the plot of our life, we discover that all we went through was for nothing but disenchantment. We hear them once again, “You’ve lost the war. Who cares? Prepare for the battle”. What if we were unable to fight the battle, what if we had already lost everything a long time ago? What if the spell has been caste already?

But then again loyalty is repaid with disillusionment too, isn’t it? Turning back the pages to the draft pad of our conscience, there exist those differences which we created. This strangeness itself is bizarre, the demons laugh, oh well! Maybe it’s just the way we were socially conditioned when being socialized. We pause, continue and then pause again. Trying to figure out every fucking time we confront damage, maybe the hatred has been injected by our own loved ones, deep under the skin right into our bones.

The guards are up, we can’t let anyone in now can we? Weren’t those three wonderful days better then the regretful life we’re having now, acting strong, being tough, hurting more and more as life brings us closer to realities, avenging people, killing feelings and making others believe that we are worth nothing but gnawing ginger. The answer to the entire smoldering thought of ours wouldn’t result in an ecstasy rather it’s better when left unchecked. They didn’t say “fail and forget” they said “fail and revise”, which is why we leave the thought to flourish for a little bit linger, to seek an answer which would satisfy our soul someday, when figured.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change; accept it or not, it's there.

The day I realized how things change no matter how hard you fantasize, I came in contact with a new 'me'. Not that I felt new, just that I was in angst. My new half which was now revealed worried me. I felt anxious as I came in contact with a soul half tortured, half threatened and was agonized by the pressure of being lost. That was when it hit me, the thought that this half; was the real me. Just like a fish out of the water I felt miserable. As if I was drowning in the ocean of havoc. No, I didn't realize why, because somehow I knew. I knew what that tiny little "problem" with me was.

Change, I was afraid of it. I was mentally moved by the thought of having a change in my life. I was being ludicrous though, but how could have I understood? Maybe by hurting myself a little more. Maybe by torturing myself in a better way, maybe by hitting my foot with the hammer for a little longer. Dear oh dear, did I feel good. My oh my was I insane. Maybe yes, maybe this was the only way I could have let go and I did.

Tearing away the flesh allowing the blood to flow out of the chord, I slipped the tool of ice and fire along my skin. Nothing mattered at the moment, nothing meant and nothing felt. As if I was made up of a disgusting material. As if something would change with this antagonistic behavior of mine. As if every damned thing would come back to normal. Did it? Could it? Should it? No, it didn't, couldn't and why should it be normal?

The blood ran out of the wound like a stream of lava being thrown out from a mountain. Like a spell being cast from a wand, like the rain pouring down from the sky, like the flow of words from the mouth. I sat there cold and gazed into the mirror. Finally, I was free. Free from the pain, free from the temptations, free from the expectations and above all free from all accusations.

"Yes", I whispered. My mind agreeing as it said "No more waking up in the morning, washing your face, looking in the mirror feeling disgusted", "No more wetting the pillow crying, every night". I guess sometimes it just isn't about you, it's about the ones who complete you. But in my case where were the ones who should have come? Where were the rescuers? Where was my shield of "Achilles"?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aim high, duh! You'll reach the sky.

The turn of phrase “Aim High and You’ll Reach the Sky” is misinterpreted by almost everyone. Let’s ignite the engine and drive towards a scenario of bringing out, what’s brought within. What exactly do you get when I express “Aim High”, may be a perplex image? Or may be a plan? But ‘aim’, is the bottom line of life. There are two basic rules of living a meaningful life, 1) Having a definite chief aim and 2) achieving the accolade with self-confidence. Let us think out of the box. Having an aim is like setting off on a journey, which might not be travelled in the best of the medium, but a journey worth suffering for. But that’s just part A, there is a part B as well, phrased as “Setting your aim/goal”. This part B isn't just a boondoggle; instead it is the same as for differentiating between a dreamer and a doer. It leads us towards the factor of SUCCESS. Hence, when I express ‘Aim high’, then I do too ‘and you’ll reach the sky’. As it is said “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work”

When you have an aim, than reaching the sky isn't really necessarily easy. It’s not like you just sit in a catapult and hurl towards the sky by pulling the string. An aim brings confidence; confidence brings power and with power comes great responsibility. Pakistan is a living and exemplary monument of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a man whose untiring efforts, strong will, and fearless courage lead him towards achieving his aim, which was to fight for the rights of the Muslims to getting them an independent state, he exerted all that he could. What was the result? We switched from a herd of homeless inadequate people to a nation of cultured and self determined citizens. Many of you might say ‘pfft! No we haven’t’, but be as macro as winning a state or as micro as winning a competition we are always ready to rebel our intuitions. At least we could try and color the remaining half of the big picture that Quaid-e-Azam drew for us. How many of you have a big picture in your mind? It’s another day another dawn, you know. Mr. Adolf Hitler once said

“Only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others”

Working further on part B and coloring the picture, there has to be a road map, because setting our goal while aiming high is intangible. But the road map set, no matter big or small, is always tangible. What, matters is that you picked up the first crayon. Call me crazy, but small things matter a lot, because of if you think that something small can’t make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room.

I’d rather you say, “I have an aim, but I fear” instead of saying, “I have fear but no aim”, therefore, we need to glide our sleeves against the fogged up glass and bring forth the avant garde vision of ours. Let’s take an example of a 19 year old boy, named Mark Zuckerberg. He had a dream of starting a social network. He began operating it within his university, the Harvard University. But that wasn't enough; he then brought it on the state level. Which still wasn't enough; he then brought it on the country level. Nuh-uh! Still wasn't enough. Today me, you and the entire world is a part of his dream which became a reality. We are a part of Facebook. One thing is to be kept in mind, “Aiming high is an entrepreneur’s pride” J

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Education in Pakistan: A Boondoggle

On a fine sunny morning, under the burning sun and in the middle of the roaring horns, one stands helpless to the traffic jam on the Mall. “Sir, could you please direct me towards Kalam Street?” to which the only answer you have is “No, I am sorry”, “Wow that was fast”. Trying to find the reason behind this abrupt answer the seeker leaves with disappointment. Wondering why wouldn't be necessarily important and neither time taking, but rather shameful. After this common act of phony many of us never leave enough space for further thoughts.

Not vexing the perspective further and elaborating the stand point, we are presented with the reasons behind other familiar acts of dreadful self judgment and past analyses. There are basically two reasons for not being able to appreciate, what one has achieved. One, the inability of recognizing self achievement and second, the inability of accepting the former one. To which the translation is “Illiteracy”.

We have always been asked, “How much of education have you got?” or “Have you done Masters or Bachelors?” I bet you have too, at job interviews, at marriage proposals and at new promotional stages of life. Everywhere, I see people answering with dignity and poise, “Yes sir, I have a degree of Masters in Philosophy” or “Yes madam, I have attained a bachelor’s degree in Science”. But what I have always wanted to ask them is, “How much have these degrees helped you practically?”

What is education? No matter how perfectly one defines it, it still appears as a perplex designation in the mind. As verified etymologically, “to bring out, what’s brought up” and “to bring forth what’s within”. In Pakistan, out of the total population of 169,708,303 (Est. 2009), 45% are literate and the remaining, Lord knows how, are surviving. The people who are luckily literate are unfortunately under the title of “The Literate Illiterates”, a term which is popularly known as “Parhay Likhay Jahil” in Urdu.

In Pakistan, people have a tendency to make a big deal out of everything, so why not let it be education. Hence, in Pakistan when a thief is elected as the head of the state, by us, we call it our ‘education’. When a coward slave is subject to the post of the head of the government we call it our ‘freedom to vote’ and when a bunch of feudals are held responsible for running the affairs of the state and it’s provinces we call it ‘Literacy’. And at the end we grumble about our government. Sweet Niblets! Who are we kidding? (Nayy America didn’t really barge in, this time).

All we care about is how many schools are built in how many areas, or how many children go to school in different areas, or how many institutions are affiliated with which good universities. These concerns suite thoughts, which arise from a soul which is rather distinct and fed upon well. Educational Institutions in Pakistan are advancing dummies scooped up with material which is rote learned and then erased periodically. Every day, students attend school with an idea of rote learning things which they are provided with, rather than attending the classes with an initiative of learning through level-headedness and practicality. As it is truly said

One of the things that may get in the way of people being lifelong learners is that they’re not in touch with their passion. If you’re passionate about what it is you do, then you’re going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it” - Jack Canfield

Hence, if we want to set forth an aim we have to be the guardians of our ambitions, not captives of our fears. We shall confront a bitter truth rather than living a noble lie. Therefore, while we stand as the protectors of our aims we shall keep in mind that we shall guard ourselves against ourselves. As Juvenal sets off,

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” translates to, "Who watches the watchmen?”