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Friday, September 2, 2011


Today is the 31st of August, the month has ended, so has my patience for the destruction of creativity and expression. It's Eid here and I am pretty much bored, after visiting friends and eating all the desserts. Also I tried to construct the title of the post accordingly, both literally and metaphorically. Anyways, what I wanted to say was, WHATEVER THE HECK HAPPENED TO MUSIC.

I mean I go to bed one night listening to Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah, just to wake up to Kanye West raping the speakers? (Yes, I meant raping, not rapping, I hope you don't want me to define that). No offense, but seriously? The point is, I love to sing, I really do, but I don't have what it takes to be a singer. Like I don't have a super fluent vocal and awesomely smooth pitch. So, regardless of having bazillions of cash, if I were offered to sing, believe me I would think, double the times of the amount of cash I had, before I made a choice.

I listen to all sorts of GOOD music, let it be hip hop, rap, R&B or country music. So I went out yesterday afternoon for shopping with my family and entered a music store, as my mom and brothers were busy buying clothes. I bought a CD which had all the latest songs on it, because I was too lazy to take my Ipod with me, also I don't have Kanye, Gaga or Pitbull on my Ipod and now I am happy I don't. I just went through the songs on the music player of my car and I heard a few songs which made me feel nauseous and puke on the wind shield. Only I didn't, because I was babysitting my nephews in the car (which is not the best thing to do when you're 19, unless you're getting paid for it). So, I'll just put up the links to the songs and tell you along how they made me feel.

1) Kanye West - Flashing Lights ft Dewle
Untill the 00:45 seconds of the song, I thought "Wow, the beat is cool", but as soon as Kanye began to sing, he ruined it. I felt like I was sitting in a stupid space shuttle listening to the announcements for taking off. But he has good songs too like; Heartless, All of the Lights and Stronger.

2) Friday - Rebecca Black

I was aware of the whole 'people making fun of this song' status going around for a while now, also that the poor singer removed her video from YouTube. Her voice is good, but I don't know why the DJ would put THIS song on the CD. She is cute and to be honest it is harsh the way people are making fun. But the lyrics are exclusively dumb besides the video. Maybe she'll make sense in some other song.

3) Joe Jonas - See no More
I wasn't really a big fan of The Jonas Brothers, but Nick has a great voice and when he sings, he connects to the listeners. After I heard this song on the stereo in my car, for a second I thought maybe with all the new hairdo and built up body, he's got something better than the teen drama shit, but I was disappointed. May be he is referring to his hairdresser because changing one's appearances don't really change one's ability to sing. May be the dress he burnt, was of his hairdresser after all!

4) Greyson Chance - Unfriend You
Believe me, when I heard the song, I thought it might be some one like Jennifer Hudson or Shontelle, but as soon as the kid sang the chorus I thought maybe Bieber kid had grown up. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It turned out to be another cute kid with developing vocals, (when I say 'developing' I mean that you HAVE to give some time your voice, to actually sound great and that happens when you are an adult)

5) Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
There are actually two versions of this song, the UK Version and the US Version. Here's the Original Version of the song.

When this song turned up on the CD I really felt like punching the DJ who made the song collection and make him STARRY EYED. I hardly understood what she said until I turned up the volume so loud that my nephews freaked out. Anyway, here's the US version of the song.
There's no difference really, other than the change of Electro to Dance, also maybe her make up looks better now. There were 32 songs on the disc and GOD FORBID what would have happened if I would have went through all of them! Also, now my heart is aching and I mean it not metaphorically. 


Anonymous said...

Lol! I so agree with you ;) Which Rufus's song do you like the most?

Meknante said...

Now there thank you. 'Hallelujah' is one of my favorites.