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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Torpedo of Shafted Hearts

There are sources and there are origins, not that they differ much, but there is a minor point of partition which sets them apart. If we dig profoundly in our past we can find them, can't we? When we plow farther and deeper we can see people. People being sources and people being origins. At times the people we trust the most become the source of absolute disenchantment, while sometimes people become the origins of absolute treachery. When we study these 'natives of the town of perfidy' under a microscope, we see basis of utterly unexpected behaviors in lieu of compassionate commonness. After the flashback of realization and underestimation of our instincts, we begin to widen our expectations. We judge, everyone, everything, everywhere and all the time.

Expectations; they tear us apart, sometimes like papers shoved into the waste bin and most of the times like Galleons ripped apart by the high sea tides, we're hanged onto those hooks on the line. Admit it or not it's crappy. In a way we learn not that others aren't trust worthy, but that we give away too much of ourselves. We are actually mirroring those clowns we see at merry makings, we hide behind their tears reaching out for the merry makers. The hand stretched out is more of a beg, for a part of that contentment than the distribution of our own. Therefore, after being misled we get twisted. We hate everyone, everything and at every possible time.

People; they disgust us at many summits in life, yet there's always that one person we want to be noticing. Don't we? There has to be that one person who is looking at you while you back away from the scenario of a perfect entanglement. Don't we all deserve that one person? But here's the truth, everybody is going to leave at some point in our life. Either they change or they die. So it's pretty much sums up a theory.

People; they get tired of listening to you whine, they get tired of seeing you cry all the time, they get tired of seeing how happy you can be. They are people, they're suppose to be that way. I have heard people say 'we have close friends and we have acquaintances', come on! Give the damn language some respect. Rephrasing might make it sound better 'I have friends and I have an aquarium'. 

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