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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fixed Up In No Time

Someone once told me that in order to make our lives better we need to think better, you know the way in which we promise ourselves to be optimistic and faithfully positive. What I figured out from the whole notion was that everyone needs more and more time to figure themselves out, until they find the wings to fly. So yeah, that's the bottom line, no buts', no ifs' and no ambiguities. It's pretty much a fact that every person we know is a pessimist somewhere deep inside, no matter how much of a perfect life people live-which I doubt they can- they are still unhappy. Oh come on! Don't give me the 'Pfft that isn't true' look. I can bet my screwed faithfulness off that this is the case with everyone. We need better moods, better shoes, better future, better teachers, better parents, better siblings, better clothes, better partners, better jobs, better education, better social circles, better features, better houses and better what not!

When I was 15, my mentor once asked me "What do you see when you look around you?", then he told me to ask myself the same question, every time I pass onto the further stages of life and see how the answer varies. I wouldn't lie but I found it weird at that time, but gradually as I moved on I answered the same question in different ways, with more depth every time. Now when I look around, I see complexity in mankind. Ironically yes, it was meant to be taken metaphorically! When I look around I see not people but I see pretentious puppets.

People say the the human species is an atomic mixture of complex psychology. Agreed and checked! I believe this 'SPECIES' better be defined as an atomic mixture of completely appositive psyche. Actually, all human beings are a bunch of losers trying to figure out what it is that they need to get themselves in a better place. Luckily, many of these human beings succeed, whereas the rest, they are pretty much still losers. And no, if you're rich, beautiful, cool (lol!), studying in the best school or a have huge social circle, you're still pretty much of a loser. If we're not living for a reason, we're losers. You know people, they are ready to bite us if they get a chance. Boy would I love to be specific, but as much as I'd love to I still can't. So, yeah as I was saying, people, God! I mean come on, can't you just live your own life, the way you wan't to? No! People they'll intrude and they'll do everything they can to make us feel bad, to confuse us, to insult us and to hurt us.

There are two points of Suckism in our lives (that really isn't a word, I just made it up, but what the hell!) First, being the point where we suck at everything and second, where everything we do sucks! Mostly, people who are old enough to have passed their age of doing something for a change, consider teenagers to have possessed these qualities. But wait, then there is a group of people who are at a certain stage of their life, where they start believing that they are young enough to be stupid and old enough to be groomed! Two words for both the groups, HA HA!

Seriously, is this how we human beings pass our lives? Tonight I'm not quite in the mood to be all worked up with the literariness, but whatever. The four basic stages of our lives are:
1) Kids - Lunatics- they develop brains after eating out yours
2) Teenagers - emotional freaks - unable to develop the guts to sort out problems.
3) Middle aged - Conservative hypocrites - always trying to quit smoking.
4) Vulnerable Elders- diseased- visiting hospitals so frequently that you start feeling like it's you who're diseased and not them.

Hence, rule of life!

Life > Reason > Meaningful
Life > Burdening the planet > I'd rather you'd be dead.