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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost There..........!!!!

Howdy Homies,
Wishing You All a very Happy New Year!!!!!

I am pledged after getting all of your posts and honoured to know that so many of you follow my blog. It has been a while since I wrote last as there have been some issues with the site maintainance stuff.

So after reading your mails and posts I have planned to clear some of your ambiguities. Many of you asked if I could allow all of your comments to be posted, this request of yours will soon bear fruit.

I received a few posts asking if I would write upon your chosen topics, well that is not a bad idea though. So I would like to announce that those who read my blog and follow me, to present me with their Hot Topics and I would ponder upon them for sure. Providing that the topics are related to the present issues and are not out dated. So I would be looking forward on receiving your posts.

PS: Topics received after 18th January would be considered late.

More later