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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Motion Ride: Want to be Jaunted?

As the craze of outing broadens day by day, so does the number of clambake places. Slowly and gradually Rawalpindi is making it's way through the list of Most Enthralling Cities. Well, I guess after Lahore and Karachi, Rawalpindi is the third most talked about city. After the Inauguration of the 'Jinnah Park' in 2005, Rawalpindi has racked up alot of it's commoners attention. First of all the very famous food chain Restaurant and/or Burger Parlour 'McDonald's' was outset on 11th August 2006, then the down pat 'Cinepax' was initiated on 14 October 2007 , then as Jinnah Park subsequently became the hub of Public Entertainment, It gave birth to the well known Pizza Salon 'Papa Sallis' and many other eateries such as Diva Restaurant etc.

After the cafe got shut down; which was set in motion near Papa Sallis, Jinnah Park gave Authority to the possessors of 'The Motion Ride' to raise the curtain in lieu to the cafe. As most of you might be pondering, that it would be some lame superficial ride to go for, as I myself was first mistaken, I would clear those mystical doubts. No, Motion Ride is a 4D (4 Dimensional) ride, the objects surround you completely, making you feel a bit down to the game, with all the fun in the same cubicle or shall I say the Dark Room. It is a ride which everyone can extol from 4 year old to 40 year old. With a Ticket of Rs 100 per person only. So, all we did and you need to do is enjoy the thrills and spills of the bumpy state of the art-motion stimulator and get bounced and surprised on every turn of the ride. All you would need to do is to take your seat and get set to be thrown into a heart pumping ride.

Things you would need:
A Huge Amount Of Imaginations
A Heart
Vacant Hands
ans Lots and Lots of Laughs and Screams

So, hold on to your seats before it starts and Don't say no one warned you!!!