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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aim high, duh! You'll reach the sky.

The turn of phrase “Aim High and You’ll Reach the Sky” is misinterpreted by almost everyone. Let’s ignite the engine and drive towards a scenario of bringing out, what’s brought within. What exactly do you get when I express “Aim High”, may be a perplex image? Or may be a plan? But ‘aim’, is the bottom line of life. There are two basic rules of living a meaningful life, 1) Having a definite chief aim and 2) achieving the accolade with self-confidence. Let us think out of the box. Having an aim is like setting off on a journey, which might not be travelled in the best of the medium, but a journey worth suffering for. But that’s just part A, there is a part B as well, phrased as “Setting your aim/goal”. This part B isn't just a boondoggle; instead it is the same as for differentiating between a dreamer and a doer. It leads us towards the factor of SUCCESS. Hence, when I express ‘Aim high’, then I do too ‘and you’ll reach the sky’. As it is said “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work”

When you have an aim, than reaching the sky isn't really necessarily easy. It’s not like you just sit in a catapult and hurl towards the sky by pulling the string. An aim brings confidence; confidence brings power and with power comes great responsibility. Pakistan is a living and exemplary monument of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a man whose untiring efforts, strong will, and fearless courage lead him towards achieving his aim, which was to fight for the rights of the Muslims to getting them an independent state, he exerted all that he could. What was the result? We switched from a herd of homeless inadequate people to a nation of cultured and self determined citizens. Many of you might say ‘pfft! No we haven’t’, but be as macro as winning a state or as micro as winning a competition we are always ready to rebel our intuitions. At least we could try and color the remaining half of the big picture that Quaid-e-Azam drew for us. How many of you have a big picture in your mind? It’s another day another dawn, you know. Mr. Adolf Hitler once said

“Only those who are passionate themselves can arouse passion in others”

Working further on part B and coloring the picture, there has to be a road map, because setting our goal while aiming high is intangible. But the road map set, no matter big or small, is always tangible. What, matters is that you picked up the first crayon. Call me crazy, but small things matter a lot, because of if you think that something small can’t make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room.

I’d rather you say, “I have an aim, but I fear” instead of saying, “I have fear but no aim”, therefore, we need to glide our sleeves against the fogged up glass and bring forth the avant garde vision of ours. Let’s take an example of a 19 year old boy, named Mark Zuckerberg. He had a dream of starting a social network. He began operating it within his university, the Harvard University. But that wasn't enough; he then brought it on the state level. Which still wasn't enough; he then brought it on the country level. Nuh-uh! Still wasn't enough. Today me, you and the entire world is a part of his dream which became a reality. We are a part of Facebook. One thing is to be kept in mind, “Aiming high is an entrepreneur’s pride” J

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