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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Embracing Moira

When life puts forward opportunities, we are not always in affirmative to avail just what the doctor ordered. We might as well waste them. We do, sometimes. But those who avail these openings are not always worth gaining them. For this reason, in both the situations life muddles us up. Whether we purpose those opportunities or not, we are intertwined with the perplex state of fate. Fate; several people believe in fate and some don't, whereas some people believe more than anything in fate. Do we? Or don't we? Shall we? Or shan't we? Could we? Or can't we? In my perception, people never really know what they believe in, or not, until they are made to. We can't believe in love, unless we fall in love. Similarly we can't believe in paranoia unless we face some. Also, we can't believe in fate unless we've had a piece of it. Hence, the question in the end is, would we be able to believe? Or won't we.

Alas! We can't answer that either, because, we can't answer all the questions in our life. Some subjects are not meant to be got to the bottom of, because, if we don’t leave those unanswered questions as they are, we would be unable to have confidence in fate. No matter how delusional that might sound, it is accurate. People fear fate; they dread the fact of it contributing in their lives. So, we try harder and harder to build that block which stands steady when our plans fall back. We christen it "The Backup Plan". Whereas, the fact is, no matter how much we deem we are adequate enough to not let fate entangle its nematocysts with our life, we fail. We always do. Not that failure is bad, but failure isn't good either, to certain parts of our beliefs (if we have some that is), to be unambiguous, it is so not first-rate for our Ego.

It is almost a cliché now; taking chances, breaking down and letting go. But sometimes, we have to be the avant garde of pushing aside the dilemma of mankind. Don't we? We all are bona fide when it comes to presence, but are we front runners when it comes to exchanging blows with the angst of loss.

“We pray, we have faith, we let go, we become strong, we guard down, we build up, we become twisted, but in the end, we’re the same because we have a heart and a soul, we just don’t use them the same way.”

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