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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Movies of 2008

So The Time has Come When We sort Out the Most Cool & UnCool Movies of The Past Year.....

.......So Not High Schoolish....I mean helllooo wheres the Drama, the Action, the Romance, What kind of Musical is it???? All it is, is MUSIC---ALL. SO 4/10....:-(

OMG!!! Its hell cool... its as best as its first part...okiee Rhon's not hot but He Sure does looks cool being Hell Boy...Love it. 10/10

Ummmm Whatzzz This? Oh yeah a movie....having the boy from the ethiopian movie and the guy from the mummy, and I dont know about the girlie in it...So not cool...4/10

Yeah now thats what I call a Happening....LOLx.....Its so cool with so cool scenes...love it 9/10.


Syed said...

thats nice :)

Cheema said...

A lovely collection of nice movies. I'll definitely be getting one of these for the Sunday Night.
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