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Monday, July 20, 2009

True Countenance Of The Millionaires Revealed

Slowly and gradually the Media has started exercising some of its vocation to promote what our astonishing and magnificent (NOT!!) government is planning to take our country Pakistan towards, instead of reporting who called who and who visited who and making a big deal out of it. Seriously what is the major concern in Mr. Obama or Mr. Bush or any other American leader calling our So Called President Mr. Zardari? Well I think the Media is blind and has always tried to prove to us what they were always told to by their "Honchos". Where they should have shown that bazillions of children are getting dirt to eat instead of Alfredo Fettuccine, they illustrated which one of our leaders are going out for dinner tonight, instead of showing how many men and women are dying of Cancer, HIV and Pneumonia every day, they showed how our leaders got flu and to which posh hospitals they were being taken.

So, after a long time or maybe for the first time, the news channels are working on stuff which would open the eyes of the citizens who think we are sanctified with a perfect government, well yeah many of you would be in an awe, that what moron would think so, but that's the truth and the reason behind this sort of dumb assumption is that they themselves are involved with them. They are being paid drastic amount of money, not for working hard but for sitting in their offices and cheating on others. I don't think such people shall even be called human beings. They are just dummies who become filthy rich buy defrauding their own faith and who pine for money. Money to fulfil their needs. In the 21st century they are called millionaires. Ha!!! Millionaires my #$@*.

Well Millionaires are NOT those people who are caught stealing their collaborators MONEY!!! Then caught buying stuff from stores asap without even thinking that there is this new technology known as CAMERA!!!! Seriously, talk about illiteracy. That's why I was wondering why when once I was being interviewed, I was asked that 'Is education necessary to become a politician?' and I was like 'Absolutely' and the interviewer was like 'I don't think so because so many people in our government are illiterate, (they don't even know guns should be carried with a licence), and I was like 'No sir our government is literate enough' and now when I think of what I said to him, I feel like a complete jerk. I still remember the look he gave me when I said that thing about our government being literate. He looked at me as if I were from "Planet I Don't Know Anything" Now I get the Idea, what he meant. So you can see how every one is being affected by the new mode of News Channels. I mean first they were on a SLEEP mode and now they have modified to the ACTIVE mode.

So, I will give you my side of the definition of a millionaire. People who are millionaires are not just some ordinary people who think they have lived enough a life of middle classy and want to turn into millionaires in a week and guess how? You probably know that one. Instead Millionaires are people who think that they are living a life of middle classy and they ask themselves that there could be something much more enhanced then what they have already discovered and then they try to discover what more could be better, by themselves. They plan ways to reach that stage of freedom by developing a long term thinking habit. Most of all they remain patient and don't work in haste to achieve success. When they fail on their way to that stage they don't back off, they don't try to get out of that failure by bribery they deal in the best way and they ask themselves empowering questions. They ask 'What is life trying to teach me?'.

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