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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hip Hop: An Expresso!

Hip Hop shall not be called a genre of singing but, it should rather be known as a style of expressing feelings. Hip Hop is always been disgraced for containing harsh and asperous language, but it is and it will be appreciated because it not based on lyrics channeled through vacant minds, in fact, if you try to understand what the person is trying to express, then for sure it will put a full stop at ones disgraceful thoughts. People say hip hop has no future, but actually they don't really know much about the ghettos which have millions of astonishing hardened up hearts growing in them.
Hip Hop has an Afro-American root. Davey D has been popularly known as the presenter of the Afro-American reggae music history. Snoop Dog, 2pac(late), Notorious Big(late) are the previously well-known rappers of the music history. Rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida and Missy Elliot are popularly known these days.

When mentioning Hip Hop one shall not forget that it is also a genre of dancing. People who do hip hop dancing are professionally known as B' boys or B' girls. B' boying is another advanced style of Hip Hop. B' boying is adapted by a lot of people in Africa and North America. In many countries, especial authorized institutions have been established. In these institutions a large number of people apply to learn different forms of Hip Hop dancing. Mr Robert James Hoffman is one of the famous dancers known everywhere. His dancing is rather magical.

Break dancing is also another type of Hip Hop dancing style. Though it contains the same moves but with different styles. Mr Micheal Jackson is a widely known break dancer. Where-ever you consult the examples of break dancers, B' boys and rappers, you'll find people who you have commonly seen on TV and heard on radios. Break dancing has a number of moves which include Hand sliding, Healing, Head Rolling and many more.

Coming back to Hip Hop music, it is utterly necessary to have an attitude regarding what you present. You might have always noticed that rappers are well-known for their bad attitude towards their work, but it would be a little difficult for people who think so, to understand, that this behavior results in what they are famous for now. We always assume hat their lives might be way different than ours. But they might be living in huge houses and own expensive cars but they are the same as we are from inside. They are just tired of seeing themselves that way.

Hip Hop and Rap has a very bright future. A very famous Punjabi Rap Star Bohemia is known as the best Punjabi Rapper. He belongs to Lahore, a city in Pakistan. So it is a shame for many of us that we are unable to recognize this art of expression as something moderate and important. As it is truly said

"Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change"
-Doug E. Fresh

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