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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Could Have, Would Have, Should Have, Didn't!

Every single Pakistani might have heard or read the famous percept "Could have, would have, should have. didn't!". Well, you might be intrigued how I have spoken of the people of my country only, in fact every one of you might have percieved it, but this phrase is specified for the people of Pakistan, this is the rule which many of the people of Pakistan or shall I say almost every one follows. Fascinating, isn't it? How firmly I excluded my self of this living pattern, well yes because this is not how I prefer living my life. I mean I know it's not that easy to have a perfect life, without any oppositions, without any poor circumstances or without any unscrutinized ideas! But come on! Grow up, If you are being opposed by a bunch of dumb people won't mean you should turn into an emotional freak, take poor decisions and make bad judgments.

Now, taking you out of this vex image that you just reckoned, let me clear it. Considering the
current issue of "Everybody Draw Muhammad (SAW) Day", It makes me feel sick when I think of how Molly Norris could have made fun of our religion and called it "Freedom Of Speech" and how everyone would have Inappropriately followed and supported her. But the "Freedom Of Speech" part ?!?! HA!! Well, if insulting someone's religion is called freedom of speech then we're probably kidding each other.

So, leaving the cartoonists alone and coming to our nation's reaction makes me feel even sicker! Seriously, protests, swearing, strikes, swearing, cursing, some more swearing and some more cursing? You people think this would help? Is this going to elucidate our problems? Is this going to aid the disease? Come on, GET OVER IT! Being a Muslim we all know that everything is between us and Allah (Almighty) and it's between them and Allah (Almighty), then why agitate? We know that Allah (Almighty) is the Sanctifier, so we better make our acts better if we want to be rewarded at Akhrat. Worry about ourself and less about other, worry about what we believe and not what others did.

Allah will deal with us and what we believed and did, we shall not fall apart due to the acts of revolt. Rather than meliorating and modifying ourself we are stirring up! How uncanny. Remember how our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) never uttered a word against his enemy, instead He prayed for their forgiveness and betterment. So pray for those smutty little minds to be resolved rather than fighting with them. Everyone knows, even the Munafikeens believed that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was the greatest man on Earth (without doubt), then how can we be affected by the wrong doers.

So, in my perspective it would be better if we leave others alone and let Allah deal with them, we should make ourselves better and gnaw at our weaknesses. The focal point of our life should be in becoming a good Muslim. So, go ahead and follow the rule of "I was, I am and I will". As it is said in Qur'an, Surah Bani Israel, Ayat 9:

"Verily this Qur-an does guide to that which is most right , and gives the glad tidings to the Believers who work deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnificent reward"

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