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Thursday, February 21, 2013

No One Ever Knew.

She knew it followed her, everywhere, all the time. The 'Moon', she believed in, never actually did. The others thought it followed them too, but for her it was different. She felt protected, safe and was afraid of it as well. She was always linked to the moon in a manner nobody else was. She didn't feed it, she didn't put it to bed, she didn't memorize its symphonies but she believed in it. She was ungrateful but never unwelcome, but she was pledged as well. Something happened, scientific maybe or ludicrous indeed, she thought she cheated but what was the deed? No one ever knew, but she blamed the stars if I must. The stars, she said had always tried to break this never ending bond she shared with the moon. Was this an unsubstantiated allegation made out of misery, or one made out of pretentiousness just like a flower with a foul odor?! Well, no one ever knew. "The stars oh love! the stars!", she screamed and her voiced was heard stretching to the very corners of the sky! The moon was disappointed if I must say it was upset, and so were the seas never put to rest. The roaring seas and the growling sky were to be patiently endured, but did she so? Yes, if I must say, yes, but no one ever knew. She was confused, she was awakened, she was ashamed, she was obsessed, she lay low, she grieved deep, she bent forth, but did she lose faith? Well, not that she confessed, but no one ever knew!

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